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Monday, January 3, 2022

It Is to Laugh; Conservative Socialism Ed.

Funny how they get all socialistic and statist when confronted with corporate behavior that they don't like. Funny how they would trample all over a company's constitutional rights when it suits them. Funny how they want to break up only some companies but not the ones who are rapaciously looting the American people.

I've been making the point that the First Amendment applies to the platforms, not to those who would use it for over ten years.

But this is nothing new. It is the Right-Wing version of the Constitution: Freedom of religion applies only to Christians (and maybe Jews). Freedom of the press applies only to those who would parrot the Trumpist party line. Freedom of expression applies only to those forms of art approved by the Christian Taliban. Freedom to protest applies only to Trump supporters. Freedom from illegal search and seizure doesn't apply who has too much melanin in their skin.

The United States isn't the nation to have gone down that road. The Brits are almost at the finish line to being a free country in name only.


dinthebeast said...

MTG: too batshit crazy for Twitter but polling far ahead in her district...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

G'da would have muttering under his breath something about barn doors, mules and grateful beggars ...