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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

FN's New (and Improved) High Power

FN is introducing a "reborn" High Power.
What I see:
  • The barrel looks like something out of a Glock. So it locks up on the ejection port (like a Glock) and not into matching cuts in the slide (like the 1911 and the P35).
  • 17 round magazines so all of the "legacy" P35 magazines won't fit.
  • No magazine disconnect.
  • No provision for red-dot optics.
  • Separate takedown lever.
  • Ambidextrous controls.
It short, it looks like a P35 on the outside, but that's about as far as it goes. Because older magazines apparently will not run in this new gun, I'll just wait to see if Springfield can get the bugs out of their clone.

Especially when I consider that this gun has a MSRP of nearly twice that of the Springfield SA-35.


Tod Germanica said...

The blued one at the bottom with walnut grips looks just like my $300 brand new Hungarian FEG clone.
If no mag safety, this newest reboot should have a better trigger than usual. Mine is military crisp but not very light, with the stock mag safety. Only the markings and some few unbuffed machining marks on the slide betray it as an eastbloc clone gun, not Portuguese or Belgian. Never malfunctions and nicely finished, with the usual High Power virtues. And cheap way back then too, fall of Putin's ussr.

0_0 said...

/k/ has multiple threads already.