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Saturday, January 29, 2022

New Heater Update- II

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I got the gun back earlier this week. I took it to the range. By the third or fourth cylinder of ammunition, it was locking up on the third shot. The cylinder will not turn and it takes some pressure to open it. The ammo was FMJ .38 Special practice rounds, not +P. There was no sign of high pressure (no flowed or flattened primers).

The upshot was that the gun was gone for two months and, regardless of what tinkering they did, it is still in SNAFU Mode.

I am going to ask them to either buy the gun back from me or send me a replacement. If they say that they want to try to fix it, I am going to ask to be jumped to the head of the repair queue. This "have the gun for less then a week, send it off and wait two months for it to be "fixed" and returned is getting old.

The only thing that keeps me from jumping on the "modern S&W revolvers are pieces of shit" is that I have a friend who has the same gun and whose round count is over 20K. Either he got an exceptional one or I got a lemon.

Stay tuned.


Glypto Dropem said...

I only have two Smiths. One is a 1935 vintage K-22 Outdoorsman, the other I just got a year ago; a 45 Shield with tritium night sights and no manual safety. Great gun. The only issue I had was on the first couple of mags, the gun failed to go fully into battery a couple of times. On subsequent outings, there were zero problems and smacking the plates at 25 yards with a 3" compact .45 was effortless. Tucked in an OWB DeSantis Speed Scabbard at 3 o'clock is easy to carry all day. I hope you get your wheelgun sorted out.

Comrade Misfit said...

I have a 9mm Shield that has been fully reliable with decent ammunition. The only bobble was with steel-cased crap. I've thought about getting a .40 or .45 Shield.

But this gun? Sheesh.

Spud said...

I'll just stay with my Sigs for auto's and Ruger's for wheel guns

B said...

No excuse after going back to the factory. The second time it should have been PERFECT when it left. Once is a mistake in QC, the second time, after the customer sends it back, is simply piss poor quality or design.

0_0 said...

My niece and her coworkers all use Glocks and Shields. They appear satisfied.

Does nobody besides Ruger maake decent new revolvers?

S&W revolvers, since the buyout, are locks with a firearm around them.

Comrade Misfit said...

0_0, I’ve heard good things about the new Pythons. But yes, I’m starting to regret not buying a short-barreled GP.100

Comrade Misfit said...

S&W has agreed to take the gun as a priority repair.