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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

U.S. Response to Russian Demands: Нет!

The Biden administration and NATO told Russia on Wednesday there will be no U.S. or NATO concessions on Moscow’s main demands to resolve the crisis over Ukraine.

In separate written responses delivered to the Russians, the U.S. and NATO held firm to the alliance’s open-door policy for membership, rejected a demand to permanently ban Ukraine from joining, and said allied deployments of troops and military equipment in Eastern Europe are nonnegotiable.

The expected toadies are parrotting Russian propaganda points.

I wish I were surprised, but this is all in line with where the far-Right was in the 1930s.


Jesse said...

American ally, the Azov Battalion. Look it up. Actual fricken Nazis....

Tod Germanica said...

Red Mike Flynn, traitor still, raking in the Russian money while the getting is good. Is trump still laundering tiny, cute yet murderous Vlad's dirty money for him or is that long con over?

Borepatch said...

Good grief. It's now "right wing" not to want to get into a shooting war with Russia in winter near Stalingrad? And risk US cities? Russia still has nukes.

And despite all the happy-happy talk from NATO, the Germans and French are still going to sit this one out, so it's all on us. That'll sure reinforce our "alliance".

The amount of foolishness compressed into the current policy is pretty astonishing.

You can not like Putin and his land grabs and still think this has zero upside for America. But it'll sure turn the headlines away from Biden's poll numbers for a couple days. That's pretty cynical to think that he'd put almost 10,000 of our troops in harm's way for a news cycle advantage, but that's about the only thing that makes any sense at all. For the rest of us it's logical insanity.

w3ski said...

Whatever happened to "I'd rather be Dead, than Red"? Did it get lost in the translation?

Comrade Misfit said...

Borepatch, tell me: How has "let's not get involved in European fracases" worked out for us in the past?

Isn't that which you are advocating for called "appeasement"?

This is not like the Soviets marching into the nations they already more or less controlled: Berlin, 1953; Hungary, 1956; Czechoslovakia, 1969; and, (almost) Poland, 1980. This is a powerful European nation marching into another sovereign, independent nation to conquer it.

Do we do nothing and hope that after Putin's Russia swallows up Ukraine, that they will be satisfied and call it a day? Is that your argument?

For, if it is, it would seem to me that history would not agree with you.

Borepatch said...

Borepatch, tell me: How has "let's not get involved in European fracases" worked out for us in the past?

The old joke used to be that NATO was designed to keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down. But that was 50 years ago or more. But nobody in the 1970s thought that you were an appeaser if you didn't base NATO nukes in Kiev.

In World War II the "Bomber Mafia" were experts at logical insanity - a never ending escalation because the rougher we made things the "faster it all would be over". We're seeing exactly the same sort of intellectual backflips now, only this game will never be over until we base NATO nukes in Moscow. Yes, there is a logic in play here that is pretty easy to follow.

And yes, that logic is insane.

Some of us would like to know what the victory and exit conditions are for World War II. When can we declare V-E Day and bring the troops back from Germany?

Because right now it looks like a lot of money is being made by Raytheon and General Dynamics, and retiired 4 stars sitting on the Boards of Directors of same. Rich man's war; poor man's fight.

Do we do nothing and hope that after Putin's Russia swallows up Ukraine, that they will be satisfied and call it a day? Is that your argument? The Russian Foreigh minister says that NATO won't even talk about security guarantees for the Russian/Ukraine border, or basing of offensive NATO weapons on that border. The NATO Secretery General explicitly says that we won't talk about this with Russia. Are we trying to back Vlad into a corner where he HAS to swallow Ukraine? Is there a different explanation for our approach? I sure hope so but cannot for the life of me see what it might be.

And it's STILL January, and we're STILL going to send 10,000 (or 50,000) US troops to Stalingrad. This is insanity.

Borepatch said...

Comrade, I put up a post over at my place because you know how long winded I am. Maybe I'm wrong on this but I try to show my work.

Comrade Misfit said...

I appreciate you doing it that way, Borepatch.

Ten Bears said...

See The Third World War: 1985( by General John Hackett. Bit dated, yes, and I haven't looked at it since the Clinton Administration, but it all centers on the Ukraine. The characters are a bit different, but not all that much. The actors are the same.

Might just get to find out if a nuclear winter cools the climate catastrophe afterall ...

Borepatch said...

Comrade Misfit, we don't agree on everything but it's nice that we can always have a civil disagreement on things. This country could use a lot more of that.

Thanks for letting me stop by.