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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

T**** Is, Once Again, The Biggest Loser in Court

In a rebuff to former President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court is allowing the release of presidential documents sought by the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection.

The justices on Wednesday rejected a bid by Trump to withhold the documents from the committee until the issue is finally resolved by the courts. Trump’s lawyers had hoped to prolong the court fight and keep the documents on hold.

Following the high court’s action, there is no legal impediment to turning over the documents, which are held by the National Archives and Records Administration. They include presidential diaries, visitor logs, speech drafts and handwritten notes dealing with Jan. 6 from the files of former chief of staff Mark Meadows

8-1 vote, including all of "his" justices. The King of Bone Spurs must be feeling very betrayed. The only vote for Trump was by Justice Thomas, who seems to still be working off his butthurt from his confirmation hearings.

Meanwhile, Eric Trump seems to believe that saying more than his name puts him at risk, for he invoked the Fifth Amendment 500 times in a deposition. Back in the day, conservatives would scream that anyone who repeatedly invoked the Fifth Amendment had to be a really bad criminal, even a mobster. What they claimed was that anyone who had so much to hide must be guilty.

Bet that they've since changed their tune.


dinthebeast said...

Perhaps justice Thomas was against turning the materials over to the committee because his wife is up to her eyeballs in the insurrection?
Tish James does have the receipts, whether or not any Trumps testify, and Fani Willis seems to think some Georgia election laws may have been run afoul of.
Eric the Dumb reminded me a little of Alberto Gonzales.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

Throw the rubes a bone, lipstick on a pitbull ...

Interesting to note that though the black guy married to a white supremacist was the lone dissenter Bratt's comments poisoned the well should this particular matter end up before their bench.

Eck! said...

The bonus is the other dorks using "executive privilege"
have the exact same problem.

Now matter what when it all comes t head it will not be pretty.