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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Your Sunday Morning Prop Noise

A Hawker Sea Fury with a Bristol Centarus engine:

There are a few Sea Furies around with either R-2800 or R-3350 engines. Those who have heard both fly say that there is no substitute for the Bristol engine.


Tod Germanica said...

If I remember correctly Iraq was about the only export success this one had. I remain mistified at the sleeve valve concept. Is it something like a 2-stroke valve port? Does the sleeve move? One of the comrade's expert's here fill me in.

seafury said...

Ahhh my favorite piston engine fighter, hence the seafury handle. The video title had it wrong as that wasn't the Hamilton Standard prop but the original Dowty Rotol. The option for using the R-2800 with the Spad prop gave new life to the airframe, as there aren't many Centaurus engines left, let alone D/R propellers. I listened to Ellsworth Goetschell (A long time Sea Fury owner) one afternoon at Oshkosh describe rebuilding a Centaurus. That was a loong afternoon, but an enjoyable one.

Old NFO said...

Very powerful! And yes, the biggest sleeve valve engine ever in production (I think). Yes Todd, the sleeves move and rotate much like typical valves, uncovering the intake and exhaust ports on the head itself. All of that is run off internal planetary gearing, making it less prone to breakage due to external forces (like bullets hitting the pushrods).

seafury said...

Something along those lines Tod, Also remember that a Centaurus has something like double the parts of an R-2800.

Comrade Misfit said...

If British engineers can make five parts do the work of three, they will.