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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Just Stands to Reason

A deputy district attorney from California who regularly spoke out against vaccine mandates has died of complications from Covid-19.

Kelly Ernby, 46, a prosecutor from Orange county, southern California, who recently ran for the state assembly, died after contracting the virus, her family and friends have said.

According to Ernby’s husband, Axel Mattias Ernby, Kelly Ernby was unvaccinated at the time of her death.

She died for what she believed in. Which is a positive thing to say.

Of course, what she believed in was stupid. But that's for her family to deal with.


Tod Germanica said...

Death at a young age is sad. Predictable, preventable death is even more futile.
Add in that so many are sickening and dying in full support of nazi policies paid for by our Russian enemy makes it almost incomprehensible.
When your supposed Christian religion turns into a perverse death cult and requires you to choke to death on your own bodily fluids I guess she had no choice but to say glory halaluya, sign me up for that nasty death! And, can I breathe on others that they may accompany me to hebben?
So, in that sense, sadly, God is helping us, the presently still living, have a better survival chance by his calling this misguided sister of ours to his bosom so swiftly.
But probably not swiftly enough for her near the end though, what with the pain, terror, sadness, nausea, indignity, discomfort, embarrassment, anger and despair.
May God grant us all a swift end when it is our time, is my secular prayer.
And, she served as the 49,436th GOP cautionary tale on not surviving a deadly disease and not passing on your genes. An example to all on how not to act if you want to live. Propaganda can be more powerful than reason in a social situation. The cultists prefer to actually die rather than change their worldview to match the existing reality of the disease.

Bruce said...

Surely you've seen this....