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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Fancy Feast Cat Food

The small cans seem to be pretty scarce these days. The manager of my local store said that she's been told that Purina is running at 25% capacity and that they've been told not to expect normal shipments until well into 2023.

At her recommendation, I tried Mitten's Morsels:

Both Chip and Priss sucked it down.

YMMV. They're cats.


gray fox said...

I've been getting my Fancy Feast from Amazon. Got to a point where I was months ahead, so I hadn't checked for a while now. I see that Wild Salmon Florentine is still shipping, but that most of the others I have been ordering have gone to "See all buying options".

dinthebeast said...

I haven't been able to buy cases of the Friskies food Littlebeast likes from Amazon for months now. It used to cost about half of what you pay in the grocery store, but now it's about the same price, when you can get it.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

WHY is Purina running Fancy Feast at 25% capacity? Have they run out of mystery meat, or the super secret super stinko, cats love it, taste ingredient? Or is it something else super special coming from China, magic mushrooms, that are also part of the supply chain problem? Adbancing old age wants to know.... to say nothing of the Pussycats! We want a Benghazi level senate committee to investigate the lack of Fancy Feast!

Ten Bears said...

Just to be clear: it's not my cat, I just do the shopping around here ... at $top & $hop, where it seems like Fancy Feast is all they've got! Both the stores I frequent. I have a hard time finding the larger Friskies (((Chunky! Extra "Savory" Gravy))) Donna's cat only eats. Gotten so I check whenever I go in and grab a couple when I can get them. I haven't seen cases in strike months endstrike years ...

CenterPuke88 said...

Fancy Feast is up about 15-20% locally, and the supply is drying up. Had trouble finding the required Purina One today as well, this could be real trouble…one of the cats is eyeing me.