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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Mike Lindell's Trolley Has Clearly Jumped the Rails

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell said on Real America’s Voice that he has evidence to put 300 million Americans in jail as he continues his plan to overturn the 2020 election.
Lindell says he has “all the pieces of the puzzle.”

“And you talk about evidence,” Lindell added. “We have enough evidence to put everybody in prison for life, 300 and some million people. We have that all the way back to November and December.”

So that's basically every American above the age of what, ten? 300 million people, 2.6 million prison cells. That's a shitload of overcrowding, with every child in the country working as a prison guard and nobody doing anything else.

300 million people. Lindell sounds as though he's building a defense of insanity in advance of his libel trials.


Jimmy T said...

This War Pigs video perfectly sums up the insanity of Mike Lindell. I can't believe this is the first thing that popped into my head when reading about how they/them/GQP are gonna lock up 300 million Americans. The insanity never sleeps...

JustMusing said...


41 million sold!

My Pillow has sponsored conservative political activities. It has been fined and has settled multiple lawsuits related to misleading advertising, including a 2017 settlement in a class action lawsuit against their buy one, get one free promotions.[7][8] The company made scientifically unsupported claims that its pillows could cure insomnia and ailments such as sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.[9]

Ten Bears said...

The first time I saw that video it was like someone stepping on my grave.

Harbinger: what we are doing cannot be sustained ...

Eck! said...

Yes, War Pigs, something from my era.

Lindell has gone back to his origins and is doing drugs.
If that's not true then the drugs he took did some damage.

THe absurdity of his claim is really sick. After all he
needs his Q/thug-conservatives and that has to be at
least 35 million.

He proposes to jail 93% of the country, let me see him try.
I see that going badly for him.


jadair04 said...

Well I don't know, the pillow guy is not someone I need to defend, he's a private business man, and his comments will hurt or not hurt his business (most folks just want a good product and stay away from the petty politics). But have you seen any of the wingers your president has said over the past little while? You guys have bigger things to worry about than Mike Lindell. Good luck.