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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump's Culinary Crimes Against Humanity

Donald Trump ate in his first D.C. restaurant as POTUS on Saturday night ... Trump ordered a strip steak, which he ate per his preference, well done and with ketchup [snark deleted].
I'll let the fact that he ate at the restaurant in his own hotel mostly pass.

But steak? Well-done? And with ketchup? Has he no soul? Has he no class?

Well, we know the answer to that, for he eats pizza with a fork.

But then again, he also eats fried chicken with a fork.



3383 said...

I like what well done should be. But if I order i, someone apparently gets pissed off and sends me a hockey puck. So I order medium well.

I never had an undercooked steak in the Fleet.

If I order medium, I get medium rare. Which grosses me out. No, I'm not twelve years old anymore.

Ketchup? ugh.

w3ski said...

Culinary abortions aside. The man wears bad fitting suits and a tie that hangs down to his balls?
I don't want this Bozo the represent us at all even by his looks! Besides that his profile is akin to a sack of potatoes.