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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How Big Companies Fuck Over the Little Guys

In Print (Pittsburgh's east end newspaper), there was a story about a Pittsburgh trucking firm called "Big Lulu Trucking". BLT runs dump trucks for the construction trade.

One of the things mentioned in the story was that the big companies pay 90 days or more on their accounts payable. Small companies pay their bills faster. Which means if you're a little guy, you have to have the cash or cash-flow to survive long enough to collect from the big guys.


Ed Baptist said...

The small business I worked for seemed to take even longer than that to collect from state universities.

B said...

In my experience, the larger the company, the longer they try to stretch payments. If you want paid in 30 days, then they try to get you to take a discount for "paying early".

If you bitch too much, they just do business with someone else.

Ed Baptist said...

Our established customers preferred us because we did the work quicker and better even though our hourly rates were higher. What hurt us was when a new manager would come in and look only at the rates.