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Monday, March 13, 2017

Drinking and Driving

Utah’s Legislature sent Gov. Gary Herbert a measure lowering the state’s legal threshold for drunken driving to a .05 percent blood-alcohol content Wednesday – a bill that will make Utah’s DUI threshold the lowest in the nation if Herbert signs it into law as expected.
I have mixed feelings about this. I don't see anything wrong with having a beer or a glass of wine with dinner and then driving home. The article points out that the vast majority of crashes with intoxicated drivers are when drivers have twice the current legal limit (.08 BAC). That kind of bears up with what I read in the papers when someone is arrested for DUI after a crash.

A .05 BAC level sounds to me to be more driven by moralization and modern prohibitionist tendencies than any desire to address the issue of drunks killing people on the roads.

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dinthebeast said...

Won't that put all of the bars in Utah out of business? They already have some weird liquor laws there, but I know they have bars in SLC because I know a girl who lives there and goes to see bands playing in them.

-Doug in Oakland