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Friday, March 17, 2017

TrumpCare Will Damage Your Town

TrumpCare will fuck up your local hospital. One of the benefits for hospitals is that widespread health insurance means that fewer people showing up at the hospital are going to stick the hospital with the bill.[1] The less money that a hospital spends on treating uninsured people, the more it has to invest on upgrades and improvements.

TrumpCare would toss millions of people off insurance and stick hospitals with the cost.

There was some holy dude, a couple of thousand years ago, who preached about healing the sick, feeding the hungry and helping the needy. There are buildings bearing said dude's name all over this country, supposedly to pass along his message.

Holy Dude's message doesn't seem to be taking root. Maybe those buildings ought to be converted into brothels and gambling parlors: Uses more in line with the GOP's real philosophy of "money talks".
[1] Another benefit is that with more people covered, they'll go see a doctor before it becomes an ER-grade problem.


Nangleator said...

trump has a solution: He'll make it legal for hospitals to deny care to those who can't pay. trump will solve that messy problem of life once and for all.

CenterPuke88 said...

We're heading for the mess of a few years back, when ER's had long wait times. Recent visits to a local ER showed that wait times were way down, because the majority of those patients that were there before now had some form of medical coverage. That made those patients move to doc-in-a-box or their doctor, opening up the ER to work as intended. This change would drive uninsured back to ER's, increasing wait times and, likely, killing some patients in the waiting rooms.

Even worse will be the layoffs and facility closures. Wth the ACA, many hospital systems expanded and added new offices to see the newly insured, that goes away, so do the jobs and facility rentals.

w3ski said...

There has been a constant stream of innovations and building going on at the two rural hospitals in my area. I can visibly see the money that is being paid to them providing growth. It was a good thing to see, while it lasted.
I suppose now with the money being cut off that the new buildings will be unused and likely unfinished.

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, there's a building in my hometown with pictures of that Holy Dude on the walls that calls itself "St. Joseph Hospital" and I was born there, and last I checked it was the largest employer in my hometown.
This is apparently the case in many rural areas, and represents a sort of double-whammy betrayal of the promise to bring jobs back to these places... layoffs and closures at facilities where actual living wage, recession proof jobs exist, coupled with the slow death of the actual programs Obama instituted to foster and save manufacturing jobs that used to be the backbone of these economies. Funny how we never heard much about all of the work he did in that particular area:


-Doug in Oakland

Stewart Dean said...

And Jesus said unto Paul of Ryan:

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

300,000,000 Americans will die if they don't repeal Obamacare. Fact.

B said...

Thing is, thre is no recourse of a patient shows up at an emergency room. Has to be treated. Even if it is for an ingrown toenail.

Hospital emergency rooms need to be able to turn away non-emergency cases. SOMEONE's gonna pay for all those folks. Either the hospital (wherein the write it off come tax time (truth) or those of us who pay the bills.

Either way we (as taxpayers) pay for those who won't/can't.

Take illegals away and that is 1/3 of the load.


Comrade Misfit said...

So why not have a system that insures as many people as possible? Which wasn't Obamacare, but it damn sure isn't going to be Trumpcare.

CenterPuke88 said...

Except that those "non-emergency" cases turned away often turn into emergency cases day/weeks/months later, cases that cost dozens of time more to treat.

Solution: Single payer system...everyone working pays (if you are working on a false ID, you still pay) and businesses paying employees in cash are prosecuted...negotiations on rates occur at the state level between doctors or doctors groups in any given area...if the doctors don't like the payment, they decline to agree...then either the offer will encourage providers to move to the area for that rate, or the rate will be adjusted up to get agreement...doctors can also opt to treat private patients and companies can offer private policies to reduce patient costs and increase care options...the state can up compensation in rural or hard to serve areas to encourage providers. This sort of system contains costs while providing solid care to all. It also ends the sort of crap that several prominent doctors in the DFW area just got Federal bribery charges for.