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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Deplorables At Work

The idea that someone fired a round through the window of Evansville's Jewish temple should be unnerving enough, but Rabbi Gary Mazo said the exact location of where the apparent vandal chose to express their hatred makes it worse.

"Someone had to walk into a children's playground, then look into a classroom and then fire some sort of weapon. It was to inflict damage, but I think more importantly, (the person) tried to inflict fear," he said. "We're in this climate now where acts of hate are happening everywhere."

Mazo said the temple's office manager discovered the damage on Monday afternoon and told him about it on Tuesday morning, which is when it was reported to police. Both the Evansville Police Department and the FBI are investigating the incident.
Trump's been dog-whistling to the sort of clowns that would do something like that. They think he's their guy. They're not yelling "heil Trump" for nothing.

If Trump wanted to tamp this shit down, he could order the DoJ to aggressively investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of antisemitic acts on hate crime charges. But given that his own AG thinks that hate crimes are not something that are worthy of prosecution, good luck with that.


B said...

Probably a BB gun. Likely kids.

I see a biig to-do about something very small.

It is only because Trump is president that anyone cres about this. They didn't months ago. It is just folks like our hostess pepetruating a twisted truth.


BadTux said...

B, it's the entire national climate that's the problem. The deplorables are vandalizing or threatening Jewish institutions all over the nation right now. Jewish community centers are getting bomb threats, Jewish cemeteries are being vandalized, Jewish journalists are getting death threats, etc. And the response of His Fraudulency Donald the Trump? "It must be Jews doing all that."

What. The. Literal. Fuck?

- Badtux the "Is he building up to Kristallnacht?" Penguin

CenterPuke88 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CenterPuke88 said...

Apologies, Comrade. I typed in anger and have deleted it.

B said...

If our hostess asks me to leave, I will...it is her blog, after all, not yours nor mine. If she wants an echo chamber of liberal anti trump propaganda and innuendo, she merely has to say the words.

Truth is, the anti jewish stuff has gone on for years. It is only since Trump was elected that the press chose to publicize it widely (so they could blame TheDonald).

You do know how to use Google, right? Fact check me. I'm right, if you care to learn.

There are many reasons to dislike Trump, you don't have to make others up.

BadTux said...

B, I'm going to call bullshit on that one. Yes, occasional anti-Jewish activities have happened in the past. But my contacts in the Jewish community report a huge upsurge of anti-semitic activities. Most of the incidents now, as then, are not ever reported in newspapers. Think about that. You're seeing the tip of the iceberg reported in the newspaper -- now, just as a year ago.

So who should I believe: actual Jews like the ADL who are seeing this upsurge, or you?

In other words, you can take your goysplaining and shove it up your touchess, putz. Oy vey, what a kafin kup!

dinthebeast said...

OK, B, I used Google, and guess what I found? Not only is antisemitic activity on the rise, it has been rising alarmingly since 2015. Which sort of underscores the real point: Nobody is saying that Trump invented anti antisemitism or any kind of hate-based behavior, but as president he has it on his plate to deal with.
He has not done anything but exacerbate the problem, pointedly and deliberately with his rhetoric and personnel choices.
And please let us not play games over who he is playing to in doing what he has done. Without jacking up the fear and hatred in the Republican electorate, he never would have been elected, in the primaries or the general. And maintaining that far-right approval is all he feels accountable for. He's already holding election rallies, fergawdsakes.
So if he is deliberately adding to this problem instead of solving it, he needs to answer for that, and if he doesn't realize that he is, then he's too stupid to be president.
"Maybe it's not really happening" doesn't cut it, and it sure as hell wouldn't fly if you were the one being threatened by it.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

See, I think you are wrong to lump all the Trump voters as racist, islamophobic, anti semites. Trump was elected for a lot of other reasons. Love ofcountry, dislike of Obamacare and things in general.... unchecked illegal immigration. Conservatives are, for the most part, not as prejudiced as you think.

Antisenitism was on the rise for years. You just heard about it recently because the press only recently began covering it post election in response to th DNC claim that Trump was antisemitic....so thy could blame the incidents on TheDonald...

The incident in Indiana, however, is blown out of all proportion. It was't a firearm at close range. Likely a BB gun from the edge of the woods. Didn't penetrate the glass. Look at the photo in the article.
Prolly a kid....and when no one was around. But the media is reporting it like rifle bullets fired at the building while it was occupied.... 2 years ago, the temple likely wouldn't have bothered to report it to the police and would have written it off for what it was....not antisemitic hate crimes.

I'm out of this thread...., so I don't "weaar out my welcome" as you put it. Flame away. But please, use some logic in your thinking, rather than juwt emotion.

Dark Avenger said...

Physician, heal thyself.