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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trump Tries For a Distraction Play

President* Trump on Saturday angrily accused former president Barack Obama of orchestrating a “Nixon/Watergate” plot to tap the phones at his Trump Tower headquarters last fall in the run-up to the election.
Because he heard about it from Alex Jones or read about it on Breitbart, perhaps?

The web of the Trumpers' contacts with Russia keeps growing, which may be why Дональд Трамп is trying to change the story.

No doubt the nationwide network of Trumpanzees will be rebroadcasting the story, which at the moment, is as false as anything that the Birther-in-Chief has said.


w3ski said...

You, of course, brought up my biggest question here, :Where did he here this from?
He doesn't 'think' as he rest of us know it, so someone must have whispered this, on perhaps the radio or Fox Nooze?
What I see is that this 'resident' is getting actively 'Paranoid', hopefully on the way to a complete mental breakdown.
At this point even Pence would be a plus. Perhaps that is what "they" have in mind?
Who knows the mind of a Megalomaniac?

CenterPuke88 said...

I think this backfires. The taps that he is referring to were almost certainly related to the FBI investigation. Those details will come out, more smoke, even if there was no fire then...

I'm not sure how he figures this will help, unless he's off the rails and doing this solo.

Doug T. said...

If true that means FISA court signed off on it. If so, the shit is pretty deep and bad. I hope it is just a plant at Breithbart.

dinthebeast said...

I guess he never bothered to find out what the NSA does if he seriously believes that anything he ever said in Trump Tower post around 2012 wasn't recorded and archived somewhere in Fort Meade...

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

If there was a FISA surveillance warrant, then that means there was at least probable cause to believe that somebody in the Trump camp was spying for Russia. And if there was a FISA warrant, those are supposed to be secret in and of themselves.

So then Дональд Трамп is leaking classified intelligence materials for his own benefit.

BadTux said...

Of course, as President, Trump can unilaterally declassify anything he wishes. But yeah, if there's a FISA warrant, it means there was probable cause. At which point I wonder: how, exactly, did Trump think this was going to help him? I mean, a frickin' *judge* signed off on this and made it happen (if it's true), which means it's legal as air, and sure the heck doesn't make Trump look good.