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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mass Grave in Ireland

The grave, which was an old septic tank, was found at the Mother and Baby Home operated by the Congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours, in the town of Tuam, County Galway.

Catherine Corless, a local historian, found that there were almost 800 death certificates for infants and children who were in the home and that there were no graves for them. She developed a theory as to where the bodies were, in an old septic system, and her theory was confirmed by test digs.

The Irish have been working to uncover the decades of abuse, neglect and criminal mistreatment of unwed mothers and their children which took place from the founding of the Irish Free State until the turn of the millennium. Some of the things that went on were Mengele-grade, such as using children for vaccine trials.

Ireland is, for all intents, a theocratic state. How the Catholic Church can even pretend to have a shred of moral standing in this world escapes my understanding.

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CenterPuke88 said...

Minor note, the explaination I saw said there was a record of one grave...