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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Goodbye, Deplorable

A man accused of a homophobic hate crime in downtown Key West was arrested Wednesday morning in North Carolina and will be extradited to Monroe County for prosecution, authorities say.

The Key West Police Department said [The Asswipe of North Carolina], 30, was taken into custody by the Onslow County (N.C.) Sheriff’s Office on an “extraditable warrant” for felony aggravated battery stemming from the Feb. 23 incident. [Asswipe] lives in Richlands, N.C.

He is accused of using a deadly weapon — his scooter — to nearly run down two men on bicycles while deluging them with homophobic comments. Since it’s classified as a hate crime, if Davis is convicted, he could face enhanced penalties.
A couple of minutes of Googling taught me this: Aggravated battery is a second degree felony in FL. For hate crimes. If it's a crime motivated by bias, FL elevates the charge by one level. So, in this case, it'd be a first-degree felony. The time for that is up to thirty years.

I don't know if FL permits stacking the charges, but if they do, Asswipe could be going away until he's ninety. And he should. The only way that the system can tamp down on this Trump-infused hatred is by dropping on them like a manhole cover on a mouse.

(Or the intended vics could shoot some of them.)


dinthebeast said...

Florida has stand your ground, so yes, they could shoot some of them.
Probably be expensive in legal costs, but there could be help available for that.
I'm not particularly good with advocating for people to be shot, as I've seen a little too much of that up close in my time, but I would seriously like to disabuse certain sections of our population of the idea that liberals don't have or know how to shoot firearms.

-Doug in Oakland

BadTux said...

Frankly, this dude must have tried to run down the only two people in Florida who *aren't* packing. He better be glad he's going to be in the ironbar hotel for the next fifteen years of his life, 'cause the next person he tried to run down might have sent him to the grave instead.