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Friday, June 3, 2016

"Warfighter"--- Bleech!

"Warfighter" is one of the terms that the think-tankers and the boobs at Ft. Fumble have come up with in this current cycle of wars.

Personally, I believe that anyone who uses that term is either doing so under duress or they are at least a borderline mental defective.[1] The term, more and more, seems to apply to everyone in uniform, ie, "servicemen". There doesn't seem to be much of a distinction in how this douchey new term used. Between trigger-pullers, fobbits and REMFs, all seem to fall under the term "warfighter" from time to time.

Bill Mauldin came up with the term "garritroopers" for what would now be "fobbits": Soldiers too far forward to wear ties and too far back to get shot. But I digress.

"Warfighter" is a kludgy term. There is a far better term available: Warrior.

By calling them "warriors", we could also stop using the imbecilic word "operators," a term that better describes people who run switchboards[2] and machine tools.[3] Which would be an additional benefit.

[1] The term I would have used before seems to upset people, nowadays.
[2] Go look it up.
[3] Back when we made a lot of stuff in this country.


OldAFSarge said...

My company (bloodsucking defense contractor) makes obsessive use of that term.

I hate it with a passion. Can't we just support our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines?

Fort Fumble, world's largest insane asylum.

Joe said...

I really don't like "warrior" in the context of the US armed forces. "Warrior" goes in a sentence after "Visigoth" or "barbarian" or "Sioux". That's what adolescents dream of being; it's an ISIS recruiting term. It's the antithesis of what makes a modern military succeed.

3383 said...

Bill Mauldin also called CIB awardees the "benevolent and protective brotherhood of them what has been shot at". There should be an equivalent for all services; there is what sort of close I have seen a Naval Orificer wear, but isn't.
Combat soldier. Combat Marine. Combat sailor. Combat airman.
Combat medic.

Evil Brad said...

Whatever happened to "soldiers"? I always thought that was pretty cool...