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Monday, June 13, 2016

"NRA = Domestic Terrorists"?

Yeah, I've seen a lot of that shit today.

So ask yourself this question: If the NRA is really a domestic terrorist organization, then doesn't it have to be the most inept one in all of recorded history?

For if there are several million people who can be construed as "domestic terrorists" because they are card-carrying members of the NRA, then wouldn't the death toll be rather eye-watering if they were even sucky at the job?

Nah. The "NRA is a terrorist organization" line is, of course, bullshit from people who, without drawing a breath, will then condemn the likes of Donald the Grifter for insinuating that all Muslims are Terrorists (and all Mexicans are rapists).


Nangleator said...

The NRA is mostly a lobbying group that ensures massive profits for the war industry, and partly a scam that scares individuals with fairy tales about a slippery slope that is the least slippery slope in all of human existence.

This lobbying group scares you into paying for a complete lack of representation. It won't listen to your thoughts. It won't listen to your demands. It would do exactly the same lobbying without your money.

Robert Fowler said...

NRA life member, strike one. Military veteran, strike two. Patriot that believes in the Constitution, strike three. I'm so screwed.

squatlo said...

Gee, I would have thought Nangleator's comment would have inspired one of your patented "Go Fuck Yourself" radio code insults.

Must be too busy bashing liberals on their own blogs today.

Comrade Misfit said...

I wonder how you guys feel about AARP or AOPA or the AMA or any of the other lobbying groups.

CenterPuke88 said...

Honestly, almost all these groups have moved from lobbying for stuff that matters, etc, to lobbying to support/increase their membership (AMA less so than the others, but even then). I assume the AMA (American Medical Association, not the American Motorcyle Association) is mentioned because of their call to allow study of guns and health. If the only goal is to understand guns/violence and such, it seems reasonable enough...till it gets hijacked by either side.

3383 said...

The first poster has apparently not been a member of the NRA.
The NRA would like to give more attention to the rest of its mission, but the continuing attempts to restrict Americans' 2nd Amendment rights takes time and effort.

Joe said...

I don't have a solid position on gun rights, except for wishing I lived in a place where it was a minor issue. But I agree with Nan.

Proposals that would have prevented the June 12th massacre:
- 7-day waiting period
- no gun sales to wife beaters
- no gun sales to people who consort with Daesh
Proposals that would have ameliorated it:
- restriction on magazine sizes sold to private citizens

All of these have been proposed recently; all have been squashed at the behest of the NRA; none have anything to do with a well-regulated militia.

(And yeah, the AMA occasionally hurts people's health in the interest of profits for the medical industry. My legislators get letters about that.)

Comrade Misfit said...

Joe, None of that is provable. So the asswipe buys the gun, waits seven days and then goes back and shoots up the nightclub. and so he goes in there with a bunch of ten-round magazines.

Asswipe was not convicted of domestic abuse, for if he had been, he'd have failed the background check.

BadTux said...

Well, if we can define Hamas as a terrorist group even though Hamas has never conducted a terrorist strike in and of itself but merely provides the means via which loosely affiliated terrorist groups can conduct terror attacks... well, it's not a terrorist organization, but it's an organization that *supports* terrorism. As is the NRA.

And no, the body count would not have been the same if Israeli gun laws applied. Under Israeli gun law you're only allowed 50 rounds outside of a gun club, and those 50 rounds are issued with the gun at the time you're granted a license to own the gun and pick it up at the gun store. You don't get to buy any more ammunition. Ever. To practice, you go to a gun club and use their rounds, none of which are allowed to leave the premises other than as lead slag to the recyclers. Not to mention that the background check is significantly stricter than a cursory computer screen, involving sending out an investigator to interview family/friends/neighbors/former spouses. As a result, when that ultra-orthodox dipwad attacked that gay rights parade in Jerusalem last year, he was reduced to attacking it with a knife, and only managed to kill one person before being overpowered. But then, in Israel, owning a personal gun (as versus having one issued by the military or security forces) isn't a right, it's a privilege, one earned by less than 10% of the population there.

And yes, 10 round magazines would have made a huge difference. At the beginning he fired 24 rounds within 9 seconds to clear the Tueller-limit kill zone around him so that people couldn't rush him. He couldn't have done that if he'd been forced to stop multiple times to change magazines. The problem though is that magazines are so easy to fabricate that it's pointless to ban the magazines without also banning the guns capable of taking high-round magazines and emptying them rapidly. Which the NRA is explicitly against.

The reality is that if this spree shooter dipwad had been armed with a bolt action hunting rifle and a revolver, the vast majority of those who died would still be alive because he would have been swiftly overpowered and disarmed. Yes, people kill people, but the weapon does matter. Else we'd send our soldiers into action armed with Bic pens and yellow legal pads, rather than with guns. The NRA itself is not an organization of terrorists. But they support policies which make it easier to conduct terrorist attacks inside America, much like Hamas in Gaza. So why shouldn't they be treated the same? Other than the fact that they're white upstanding amuricans rather than dusky-skinned furiners, I mean?