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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tab Clearing- Brexit and More

You can read about the mechanism for exiting the EU here.

My gut feeling is that either the EU will try to fast-track it and be has iron-fisted as possible (the "fuck you, you limey bastards, get the fuck out" track), or both sides will slow-walk it and maybe they'll negotiate changes to the terms of the British EU membership and the Brits will reverse their decision (the "kiss and make up" track).

Ultimately, I suspect that Brexit won't happen. But I'm not putting any money on that.


Remington is just about ready to re-release the R51. If there was ever a gun that demonstrated how much the gun press is more of a PR tool than critical reportage, it was the coverage of the R51 a few years back.

After handling a Sauer 38H, it seems to me that a concealed-hammer DA/SA mechanism along those lines would have been better than the concealed-hammer SA mechanism that Remington designed in. But what the hell do I know.


If there is one thing that has come to light about Donald the Grifter, it's that he's vindictive and never forgets a slight. If he wins in November, I would expect that Trump will do whatever he can to fuck over the NeverTrump Republicans: FBI investigations, IRS audits, the works. But these folks may be reasonably safe.


Paul said...

given the current hangover-esque vibe I'm seeing from the UK about the growing consequences of the Leave vote, I'm betting on the latter where the incoming Prime Minister delays the response long enough to make the whole thing moot.

It's seems like the EU is also trying to put the brakes on after their early attempt to insist the Brits exit ASAP. They're going to be looking at the political landscape across the rest of Europe and realizing that Greece, Spain, France, and Italy are now ALL IN PLAY to have Far Right/Nativist governments with anti-EU agendas win upcoming elections using the UKIP gameplan.

3383 said...

Around 20 years ago I read the editor's response to a reader questioning the constant glowing reviews of every firearm covered. The editor responded that the magazine was in the business of making money by selling ads, many from the makers of the reviewed products.
My response was to stop buying or reading that magazine. If you want to maximize your ad dollars, readership should be a factor, and why would I want to read a magazine that offers nothing useful to me?

Will said...

IIRC, the PR problem was due to all the gun writer loaners being hand built versions, which worked well. The production versions obviously had no connection to reality, or maybe it was the engineers with the problem. I've seen this sort of thing in high tech production, and it usually turns out to be an engineer's screwup, or group screwup.

The first difficulty is determining the actual reason(s) it doesn't work right. Not always easy to find, surprisingly. The other is dealing with people and depts trying to play CYA, often done by pointing fingers at peripheral involved areas . An additional complication can be the bean counters getting involved in outside vendor supplied parts.

You would be surprised at how long problems can hang around before a fresh look can point out a glaring oversight. Even in very simple appearing parts.

The fact it took this long makes me think there was lots of finger pointing, and not much real engineering involved, in the fix.