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Friday, June 17, 2016

What the Fuck is Trump Doing?

That's a serious question. He doesn't seem to be building a campaign staff. He's not calling up the rich donors. He's backstabbing his own staffers. He's bashing his own party.

At this point, he might as well don a kamikazi hachimaki before each of his campaign appearances.

Is Trump so ignorant as to believe that he can essentially single-handedly run a national campaign by keeping his name in the news cycle by saying more and more outrageous and hateful things?

Or is he setting things up so that, in Cleveland, he will step aside
  • "For the good of the party";
  • "Because my family doesn't want me to be President" ("my wife, she";)
  • Unspecified health reasons;
  • "Too many people in the Trump organization depend on me making it rain;"
Or something else.

Don't be utterly surprised if, come the end of the GOP convention, the Republican candidate for the presidency is somebody else.

(And you can bet the farm that Clinton is prepared for that eventuality.)


dinthebeast said...

This news has been floating around for a while now. The idea of Trump sitting there and calling people to ask them for money is hilarious. The fact that he can't do it is unsurprising. How many other tasks which are required of a president will he be unable to make himself do? This is only the campaign, that is, the easy stuff. All I have to say is that if he wants to "vanity project" the Republican prospects for the white house into the dirt, that's OK by me. But I keep thinking about Roy Cohn and wondering what Trump is really up to.

-Doug in Oakland

Snowdog said...

or, if one was to put on the tinfoil hat...being he was on very good terms with the Clintons not too far back, it is possible that he worked hard to get the nomination-just to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory to ensure Hillary has no real competition come election day.

Stewart Dean said...

Nonono, you don't understand Trump....he assumes that at some moment there will be a blast of celestial music from the Heavens, the skies will open up, a shaft of light will descend and He will be wafted to Heaven to sit on the right hand of God. No tiresome interview with St. Pete, God Himself has recognized the ineffable superiority of He, Trump, and it's about time. No tiresome campaign, no wearying redecoration of the White House, no beating up on Mehico to Build The Wall (Build Up This Wall, Senor Nieto....which makes him the anti-Reagan)...no, Trump goes straight to his reward. Count yourself lucky to have had Him walk among us..........

Anonymous said...

I have considered for months the possibility that Trump is a Clinton agent, and that his entire purpose was to disrupt the GOP, to cripple it, and to destroy its brand. If the plan was to disrupt the election and make it a sure thing for Hillary, it is an unfathomable level of cynicism and arrogance. It will be the end of politics, and possible the nation, as we know it. It will not be pretty if it is ever discovered that this is the case.

danny j said...

The Guccifer 2.0 leaks of DNC documents show that the DNC was planning how to wage a Clinton v. Drumpf campaign BY February, 2015.

Mind y'all, that was BEFORE either candidate had announced they were running.

And the corporate media is ignoring that the plan is being played out precisely as written. In fact, they are playing their role in it.

The Clintons and Drumpfs have been close friends for decades. Their daughters have been best friends since childhood. Both campaigns have acknowledged that Bill and Donald had a phone call days before Drumpf made his escalator ride into history.