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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Budding Necrophiliacs at Work

Prosecutors say a former Vanderbilt football player encouraged his team-mates to rape an unconscious woman whom he had been dating.

During opening statements Monday [June 13th] in the retrial of Brandon Vandenburg, a prosecutor said the former player even passed out condoms to three team-mates before the woman was raped. Two other Vanderbilt football players were found guilty of rape and sexual battery.
And he's guilty! Seems he videoed the rape (never a good idea) and sent it to his friends (ditto).

I'll wager that o'l Brandon does more time than Brockster.


CenterPuke88 said...

Just a note that it is interesting that these two case occurred at schools with rather lofty academic expectations and pretty solid acceptance criteria, even for athletes. Vanderbilt, despite being an SEC team, has never really compromised it's admissions standards significantly to support it athletics programs, and Stanford has a similar reputation. The inability or, more likely, unwillingness of the school to communicate to or impose on any values is disappointing, but not wholly unexpected in this era. With our "finest" colleges turning out huge numbers of greedy sociopaths, we really shouldn't be surprised that some are more greedy in ways other than the financial.

Stewart Dean said...

Huh? Vanderbilt may be prestigious (certainly in the South, where it's a ticket to the Southern GOB network) but it has always been a party school...was in the 60s in the South when I was college age, and it placed #7 in 2012 in a Playboy top 10 party school survery. I could go on about party scenes at Southern schools, PGA parties and Southern (white) (soi-disant) gentility, but it's all part of Southern culture which is profoundly social and classist. Vanderbilt, while it may be quality, is also a place that punches your ticket for Southern privilege...and almost certainly a finishing schools for holding your liquor and being a bad-ass party animal.
The pictures of this animal show someone who pissed that he got caught and he's getting slammed. WTF, his face says.
Needless to say. I left the South as fast as I could and never went back. None other than the legendary Ursula Leguin had some interesting things to say:

doubledee said...

Stewart Dean, not sure I get the correlation between "Southern culture/Southern white privilege" and the crimes these guys committed. Vandenburg was a hot shot football player from Palm Desert, CA who had been living in Nashville less than 3 weeks. The other 3 don't appear eligible to claim any white privilege. Details. BTW, what prestigious school isn't an in-road to the GOB network.