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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Majority Feels So Persecuted!

According to Pastor Richie Clendenen: "There's nobody hated more in this nation than Christians," he said, amid nods and cries of encouragement. "Welcome to America's most wanted: You."

Right. In Kentucky, a state where Christians are a majority of the population, ol' Richie feel so put upon and persecuted.

Let's review, shall we, what "persecution" means to people like him: It means that they are not free to force others to adhere to their beliefs. I cry for his ass, I really do. Mostly, I cry for him because he is one ignorant piece of work who has no idea what real persecution is.

How about this for persecution: Denial of housing, denial of employment-- Things that people like Richie feel persecuted because they can no longer do that to other people.

Tell you what, Bucko: Give me a call when liquored-up goons bash your head in for being a Christian. Let me know when the the state forces you to register, wear distinctive marks, makes you live in walled-off ghettos, confiscates your possessions, forces you to emigrate or just fucking kills you.

Then you'll have a case to claim persecution.

Not before, you asshole.

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

I would play along with his assertion and advise that if they wanted to experience less hatred, try not being such pricks...

-Doug in Oakland