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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The White Privilege of Secession

One thing about the modern secessionists is that, just like the ones 155 years ago, they're all mainly white folk. And so, their bloviatings and ravings are treated with some deference.

Now imagine, if you will, that the secessionists were advocating to calve off a few states to form a Muslim republic or one for African Americans (or any other group). The FBI and the other TLAs* would be sticking them them like napalm on a child. They would be wiretapped, mail-covered, surveilled within an inch of their lives. Agents provocateur would be sent in to join them and rabble-rouse them into committing indictable offenses.

But no, that just isn't done against the secessionists.** They get to engage in their seditious rantings without any hindrance.

What I get a laugh out of is their insistence that they can break this country up without a war. For except maybe the Soviet Union (which even itself never really recognized those in the other soviet republics as equals to Russians), it's hard to find an example of a nation that peacefully dissolved. For one thing, you just know that the modern secessionists are eager to walk away from the Federal debt and if they think that the Yankees are just going to swallow that bitter pill, they're nucking futs.

Which they are, anyway. They're unable to win the battle of ideas, they can't elect their people to the White House, so they'll just tear the country apart in their bitterness.
* Three Letter Agency.
** That we know of.


S O said...

I understand it's nice that morons come out like that, why pay attention?
They're a tiny minority.

The poll last year that indicated a quarter favours secession yielded no less than 1/5th pro in any region, so it was likely more about general disenchantment with the government than about actual secession.

Stewart Dean said...

Ah but you forget one benefit for the Yankees. NY gets back 72 cents on the tax dollars it pays. The secessionists don't talk about cutting off the tit that feeds them more tax money than they pay.

B said...

Non urban areas pay more in taxes than they get back. THe cities eat it all up.

The cities have a greater amount of influence on government than the rural areas, yet they have fewer taxpayers.

The cities and the coasts drive the agenda out of proportion to their population and he amount of money they pay in taxes.

And you wonder why there is talk of secession?

Most of what people consider "flyover country" would leave the coasts and the larger cities and assume their share of the debt of they could stop the looting and could get rid of the "blue" areas. Look at an election map by county and you'll see what I mean.

S O said...

This talk by "B" about rural/urban divide -which allows for no practical secession whatsoever - only showcases once more what the society in the United States is lacking:

It's all-too often about extreme egoism, shortsightedness and 'against' rather than 'together'.

This may in part be driven by political propaganda, but I suspect it's in large part a civilizational defect. Maybe it's a consequence of the diversity among the immigrants since the 17th century.
The median European certainly is more capable of solidarity, empathy and less egoistic.

Joe said...

The "Velvet Divorce" of Czechoslovakia went pretty smoothly, but EBM is right about big countries.

Lots of peaceful regional-autonomy movements in Europe right now, but none of them is threatening any states with more than ~10M people.

Will said...

S O:

you overlook a number of factors affecting the EU, and us here. You point out the "solidarity" of the EU countries, but ignore the lengthy history that gives each of them a fairly uniform population. Well, except the somewhat recent problem they have created by importing the labor that Western socialist countries lack. This will end up biting them big-time. Those problems they are having with Muslim imports, especially the French? Expect the French to drive them into the sea at some point, more or less. European history tells us this will happen. They will play nice, right up until they don't.

We are doing the same thing, for the same basic reasons, since we have become a socialist nation in fact, if not name. I expect it may be the final nail in our demise.

What you all ignore is that socialism kills every nation that tries it. The high taxes required to fund all those entitlements tends to dramatically lower the birthrate of the middle class. So, the stupid nations end up importing low class labor, with all the resultant problems that always occur.

Socialists always ignore human nature in their calculations for their governed masses. And it always bites them in the end. When you take away the personal benefits of working harder, people don't. When you try to engineer equal results, instead of equal opportunities for people, you get bad results. How quickly it fall apart depends on a number of factors, but it always fails.

EVERY socialist country is in big financial trouble right now. The ONLY way they can continue functioning is to steal from someone. Either they steal the future of their children, or they steal another country, or they just steal money from investors and those who try to save for their families future, or some combination. Biggest historical examples? The Soviets, and the Nazi's.

Old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times".
The financial house of cards that currently exists cannot continue indefinitely. No matter what nation falls first won't really matter, because we are too interconnected. It's all one house now, pretty much, and it will all come down.