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Saturday, March 28, 2015

"You Can Drink a Glass of Roundup...."

That's what a Monsanto advocate stated, but when he was offered a glass of the stuff, it quickly became apparent that he wasn't willing to back up his words.

Maybe he was thinking of Thomas Midgley,* who tried to prove that tetraethyl lead was safe and almost died as a result.
* If there is any one person who deserves the title of "Wrecker of the Environment", it's probably Midgley.


w3ski said...

Back in 1977 I was on a crew spraying Roundup on Maple Tree stumps. The 'Wererhaeuser' guy in charge of us said the developer of Roundup drank a teaspoon of it every day. I wish I could find out what that guy died of. I bet you it was ugly.

dinthebeast said...

He shouldn't have to drink it, that would be an off-label application, and thus illegal. They should spray it on him just like the label specifies.

-Doug in Oakland