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Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Modest Proposal for a New California Initiative

Since some clown named Matt McLaughlin has filed for a referendum on his lunatic idea to permit private citizens to kill gay people, I have a proposal:

Somebody in California should pony up $200 and file a for a referendum vote on the proposition that Mr. McLaughlin be hunted down and killed, with the State of California putting a $500,000 bounty on his head.

That ought to get the Soft-Rock Militia out and looking for him.


Peter said...

I'm not gay, but I hereby volunteer to supply free ammunition for the hunting party looking for this maroon!

D. said...

*sits on hands, mostly to avoid egging on*

Really, these people don't think, do they?

(I am also remembering that Lord Peter Wimsey, in refusing to investigate a crook's death, said something like "Let pass the judgment of God." If Mr. McLaughlin reaps the whirlwind...)

steve said...

say this dude now shoots someone, LGBT or not. I would call his f'ed up little manifesto a 'statement of prior intent', that he has premediated the act of murder. What happens if his hateful rhetoric incites someone to murder someone?