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Friday, March 20, 2015

Tab-Clearing; Gun Edition

Glock fanbois around the country are rejoicing over the Glock 43, a single-stack 9mm.


OK, I am on record about how I feel about Glocks. And yes, Glock will probably sell several metric shit-tonnes of them.

But still, so fucking what? Single-stack 9mms have been around for a century. S&W was making good single-stack carry guns in the `80s. Damn near every other gun-maker on the planet offers a single-stack 9mm.

Over to the Vast Wasteland:

On Madam Secretary, one of the baddies capped himself with a subcompact autoloader of some flavor. He pressed it up under his jaw, then the next camera shot was from the outside, looking to the windows of the guy's home. There was a flash in the windows, followed by the sound of the shot. I'm pretty certain that if a gun is so held, there isn't going to be much of a muzzle flash, certainly not enough to completely light up two windows. And an adjacent window showed no visible flash, which was weird. Must have cost too much to CGI in the third window's flash.

The NCIS series has been pretty decent on guns for the agents, with the Feebies carrying Glocks and the NCIS agents carrying Sigs. But in the latest episode of NCIS New Orleans, the lead agent, Dwayne Pride (played by Scott Bakula) was toting a Colt stainless 6" Python in a shoulder holster. What the fucking fuck, guys? Channeling Walking Dead, much? Or have you folks visited a gun shop recently? Shiny 6" Pythons are going for north of four grand- no rational street cop is going to carry such an expensive gun as a working tool. And Federal cops probably can get in a boatload of trouble for carrying unapproved guns, of which any large revolver is very likely on the "no fucking way" list.

This one has griped me for a long time: On the opening credits of Justified, one can see one of the "dirty bird" targets. Those targets go for a buck or more when you buy a package of them at a gun shop. You generally don't see too many people using them, for that reason. Not when you can get a ream of cheap copy paper for three bucks or so (500 sheets) and then dab the center of the paper with a bingo marker from the dollar store.

Speaking of Justified, on the episode "Burned", which aired on Tuesday, a spoiler alert:

Seabass quit and tried to stick up Avery Markham and Katherine Hale in their hotel room in Lexington for some severance pay. Markham keeps his money in a vault in Harlan, so Seabass wanted to take Katherine's engagement ring. Katherine told Seabass that she had a "substantial" diamond tennis bracelet in her purse and offered to give it to Seabass. Seabass wanted to see it, so she got her purse, walked back over to Seabass and shot him with a .38, fired through the purse.

In truth, Seabass died because he was a guy. A woman would have noticed right away that Katherine was wearing a diamond tennis bracelet and wouldn't have fallen for the ruse. And a woman probably would have been more alert to the possibility of Katherine having a gun in her purse.

But one thing was made damn clear: Katherine Hale (Mary Steenburgen) is a gorgeous woman, but she can match Boyd Crowder for being both a stone killer and one who comes up with some deadly surprises.

Four episodes left to the series. I hope they don't fuck up the last one.


S O said...

The pistol that introduced the 9 mm calibre (the Parabellum, a.k.a. Luger 08) was single stack...

I'm at a loss concerning the extreme diversity of firearms. I suppose there are good reasons for a dozen different pistol models considering the different uses and hand sizes, but that's about it. Same with assault rifles - half a dozen models, fine. The several hundred if not several thousand other models: Noise.

Comrade Misfit said...

Free market, baby!

The G-43 will probably be very popular with departments that already issue Glocks.

mikey said...

The cop with the Python?

They should have given him a BFR in .454 Cas and one-upped everybody all the way back to Dirty Harry...

Comrade Misfit said...

.460 or .500 Magnum!