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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NYPD Commish is Smoking Weed (or Crack)

For he is blaming an increase of shootings in NYC on legalized pot in Colorado and Washington.

Dumbass. If marijuana was legal, drug dealer wouldn't be killing each other over it. Just like liquor distributors stopped using Tommy guns to settle territorial disputes after Prohibition was repealed.


BadTux said...

Only thing I've ever seen a stoned pothead kill is a pizza.

Just sayin'.

montag said...

If you legalize marijuana you kill off more than half of the drug enforcement industry. Mostly the half that isn't smart enough to get a real job.

Robert Fowler said...

montag hit it out of the park. What are all those coppers going to do if pot is made legal? Of course the higher ups are looking for anything to restrict our rights just a little more. This country has been turned into a police state over a weed. They have to justify all the MRAP's and other goodies big gov bestows on them.

Nixon started this with his declaration of the "war on drugs". Which should be called "the war on some drugs". Big pharma will always find a way to protect their interests.