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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Twenty-One Foot Rule

Yep, he didn't think that through.


mikey said...

So c'mon, Comrade, get on the board. Who's walking away? Is Raylan going to Florida to be a daddy and an old beer-guzzling rangemaster?

Or does Raylan go down in a hail of lead? That wouldn't be impossible in Elmore Leonard world.

And what about Boyd? He's the one dubbed 'most likely to wear it home', but he's also by far the best, most compelling character they have, and if they want to do a spinoff, they can't kill him - a prequel would be weak.

And then there's Ava. What does she want? What does she get? Can she navigate a world where her power is all under the radar? If she lives, she wins - unless she doesn't.

Avery's done. Ty's done. Art, Tim and Rachel are a tossup - they won't all come out the other side.

I'm kind of expecting Raylan and Ava to finish the series in a hole, and Boyd and Limehouse to keep Harlan County alive in another series (stay tuned!!!)...

mikey said...

Gah. I totally forgot Wynn and Katherine. Seems like they're going to need to live to be part of the spinoff, right?

Comrade Misfit said...

Given that everyone is six years older than they were at the beginning of filming, I don't see a prequel working out. "The Adventures of Dewey Crowe" might have been entertaining, but Boyd sort of fixed that one.

From this week's episode, it's possible that Rayland and Winona set up housekeeping in KY, not FL.

Wynn's a survivor. Ty's going to kill someone, other than those two hapless paramedics. Maybe Avery?

Murphy's Law said...

That one always cracks me up. Hee.