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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Different Justice System for the Rich and Powerful

Gen. David Petraeus gets a slap on the wrist: He gets to plead to a single misdemeanor with no jail time. Even though he admitted to lying to Federal agents, which is a felony beef if any normal mortal does it.

Yet if the Feds arrest you for misdemeanor drug possession, if you have a gun in your safe at home, they'll try to toss you in stir for ten years.

But hey, if you are politically connected and you have the money to throw $1,000+/hr lawyers at the DoJ, you, too, can get your wrist slapped for charges that would have put an ordinary schlub in prison for years and years. Especially, given this Administration's unholy zeal for going after leakers and whistleblowers.

And so, Petraeus will have to stand for having a judge wag his finger at him, write out a bit of a check, and then he can go about his merry way, becoming even filthier rich.

Rumor was that, after the Agnew deal, prosecutors had a hard time convincing juries to find people guilty. Small wonder.


D. said...

Huh. I had forgotten about him.

Dear Abby would have called it a wrist slap with a wet noodle.

Marc said...

Manning gets 30 years, Sonwden is in permanent exile, and Petraeus will just get a firm scolding...get your equal justice here!

Nangleator said...

Geez, hard to see if there will be any negative repercussions from making what was definitely espionage (and essentially treason) into what is essentially legal.

Our country is fully insane, and the problem is still getting worse.

Comrade Misfit said...

Yeah, going from treason to the Federal equivalent of jaywalking is a pretty sweet deal

Marc said...

I bet Martha Stewart is wondering WTF when it comes to her lying to the FBI and his.

Marc said...

Just read over at Popehat, the actual plea agreement includes:

8. The United States agrees not to oppose the defendant's request that the defendant receive a non-custodial sentence.

9. The parties jointly recommend the imposition of a two-year term of probation.