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Monday, March 9, 2015

Post-Racial `Murrica; Oklahoma Edition

Some frat punks from the SAE fraternity at Oklahoma University were singing a racist chant on a bus.

Video here.

Things haven't changed anywhere near as much as people like to think.


Old NFO said...

And they're gone. Thrown out of the University! Good!!!

Moe said...

"Things haven't changed anywhere near as much as people like to think."


Hip-Hop Sister Ferguson has 10 prior arrests, including one for an assault as recently as last month. Authorities said she beat up her 64-year-old grandmother, stabbed her brother with a kitchen knife and injured a police officer during an arrest for violating an order of protection.

Things sure and the hell have not changed. Blacks acting like damn animals. But Liberals whining because some boys on a bus are singing a little ditty.

Modern Stupidity is right


Comrade Misfit said...

I am of the suspicion that the phrase "white people acting like damn animals" has never passed between your lips.