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Friday, January 9, 2015

The Worst Company in America Is.....

..... Comcast. Which is no surprise to anyone who has them as a cable/ISP provider. Comcast has gotten so large and so evil that over-the-air TV is enjoying a resurgence. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Fire TV are growing because Comcast and the other cable providers suck so badly.

A friend's Comcast box stopped working. They gave her another one, which didn't run right. See, for Comcast, their "cable boxes" are also cheap-ass DVRs, which Comcast keeps "refurbishing". ("Refurbishing", to Comcast, is putting fresh batteries into the remote. Sometimes, they don't even bother to wipe the drives, so you can get a random selection of somebody else's recordings.) The Comcast cable boxes are old pieces of crap from Cisco or Scientific Atlanta that have been out of production for several years.

You'd think that just swapping out a box would be no big deal, right? Not to Comcrap, which crammed $50 onto her bill. It wasn't for service, because Comcast customers now have to do their own equipment installations.

Comcast is so large, now, that they really don't give a shit about residential customers.


Anonymous said...

DirecTV give 'em a run for their money.....

Robert Fowler said...

Followed closley by Mediacom.

BadTux said...

That said, when I had a problem with my cable Internet, a technician was out the next day and actually fixed it. So it appears that it depends on whether there's local competition and the quality of the local manager....