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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Aircraft Parachutes: Is the Debate Over?

Flying Magazine thinks so.

The idea of parachuting down the entire airplane, though, was nowhere near as new as one might think. There was a test nearly fifty years ago. The original concept is still around.


Old NFO said...

But it all comes down to three things, weight, CG and money... And a lot of folks won't spend the money OR give up the weight...

danny j said...

I am not a pilot. It was one thing my wife put her foot down about, even though she had been a dedicated landlubber who became a damned good sailor. We sailed up and down the West Coast of CA, Mexico and the Caribbean.

But flying? Not so much.

Maybe it was my presentation. After going on some light aircraft flights with friends, I said to her, "Honey. Guess what? I found something that's not only more expensive than sailing; it's more dangerous, too!"

Seriously though, I convinced her to join me at an ultralight air show/trade meet at a SF Bay Area airport. My plan/hope was to get her excited enough that we'd pick one to build. The day we were there, three of the fell out of the sky.

No deaths, but we bought no kits or plans either. Oh well.

Shortly thereafter, builders started putting chutes on them, and from what I've read, they work on ultralights and have saved some lives.

As you actual pilots know, they've been shown to work on some smaller GA airplanes.

I preferred to make my boats and myself and my crew seaworthy rather than buy insurance. But having a liferaft when offshore is worth the various costs.

Not the same?