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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

94% Fuel; Lunar Launch/Timesink Edition

The Saturn V Flight Manual is now online. I've just begun to peruse it (it's 244 pages).

Fun facts: The dry weight of the first state was 288,000 pounds. The fueled weight of the first stage was over five million pounds. The center engine of the first stage was shut down early in order to limit the acceleration of the rocket.


Nangleator said...

"Light fuse, point away from face" anywhere in there?

w3ski said...

I admit I like horsepower in action, but man those Rocket Guys do it on a magnitude of 1000 to 1."Shut down the main to keep from 'over accelerating' " ! Whoo Whee,
I just can't wait for their next step up in power.