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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Little Bit of Tab-Clearing; Spooks and Idiots Edition

First the spooks: The Canadians are watching what files you download. Unless, of course, you're a Canadian, for that'd be illegal. No doubt whatsoever that the GCHQ or the NSA is filling that gap for them.

Aren't we at the point, now, where if you want to do any serious research of a topic, you'd better be running Tor? Though Tor probably doesn't do much good if you have to log into a site, but if you're even researching anything innocuous that has ever been used by a terrorist, you might want to use Tor.

Second, the idiots: The Open-Carry Assholes of Texas. I can't top this commentary:
You guys actually believe so strongly in your holy cause, you don’t care how much damage you’re doing to your own side. You’re the suicide bombers of the gun rights movement, happy to indiscriminately destroy anyone, on either side, who doesn’t live up to your standards of what a true 2A believer should be. Like all zealots everywhere, you’ll do whatever makes you the hero of your own little drama, without regard for the negative effects on others.

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