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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shorter RIM (Blackberry) CEO: "The Free Market Sucks!"

App makers should be required to make software for Blackberry handsets, says the boss of the phone company.
Blackberries have gone from being the hot mobile phone to being about the last choice for almost anyone. If app developers aren't making their apps for Blackberries, it likely is because they don't see anything to gain by doing so. Go into a meeting and you'll see people with iPhones and Android devices, but you're going to find jack-all users with Blackberries, unless their employer gives them to the users.

But like a lot of companies who have failed or are in the process of failing in the market, RIM wants the government to tilt the playing field in their favor. They're half-socialists, in that they want the government to protect them from failure (and subsidize them if they do), but to let them keep everything if they then begin to succeed.

If you go bust, it's on you. But the CEOs all expect to be bailed out in one way or another. Which is just what RIM is asking for, now.


Old NFO said...

THey're done...

Anonymous said...

Well they're Canadian, so they're like, half socialist already.