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Monday, October 6, 2014

Shorter Gov. Fallin: "I'm for the Sanctity of Marriage, Unless It's Mine."

You can compare and contrast her statement today with the allegations that her marriage broke up, in part, because she was shtupping one of her bodyguards.

My general rule is that any politician who bleats about "states' rights" probably has a white sheet in the closet that is fit for wearing to cross-burnings.


dinthebeast said...

This morning when I read about the supremes declining to hear the appeal, I said "Hear that faint popping sound off in the distance? That's Mary Fallin's head exploding."

-Doug in Oakland

Expatriate Owl said...

If there were no income tax and no estate tax, and the government operated on something like a national sales tax or customs duties, then marriages and other types of personal relationships would carry no bonuses or penalties other than those of social opinions and social mores.

Which would mean that people could enter into relationships as they see fit, without governmental interference.

[Mary Fallin, of course, would still be a hypocrene.]

Anonymous said...

Its a tough call. If the state's population votes on a measure and it passes with a majority, why should a court tell them "That vote doesn't matter - THIS is the law". Doesn't that nullify the vote?

The citizens voted and that was the outcome. If the vote had been otherwise, would a court reversing that be allowed to stand as well?

When Target decided that shoppers carryingfirearms weren't welcome (legal CHLs - not criminals, they don't care) in their store, I just decided not to shop there again.

Just my opinion and yes, the governor does sound a hypocritical. My apologies to those who feel otherwise.

Comrade Misfit said...

Anon, so if the voters pass a law declaring open season on drivers of Lamborginis, it would be OK to go out and shoot them? How bout denying civil rights to Baptists? Is that OK?