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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Heater; New

S&W 442-2:

It has two things that I've come to value in a carry piece: Not a lot of weight and a shrouded hammer. I don't know as I'd want to go much lighter than this one with .38s. The shrouded hammer is pretty obvious-- nothing to catch on a draw from a pocket or from under a covering garment.

I thought about getting a hammer shroud for my Detective Special. They're still available. The two main reasons why I don't is that there is still the 1/2lb weight difference. Second is that the DS is nearly 40 years old and Colt doesn't make them anymore. When a gun is out of production for awhile, doing permanent modifications becomes known as "Bubba-ing".

Case in point: M1903 Springfields. There used to be a shitload of them available through various surplus weaponry sources. They were cheap. A lot of people had theirs "sporterized" (including my dad). But now they're becoming less common, unaltered ones are going for over a grand. Sometimes well over one.

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