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Monday, March 24, 2014

Facebook Users Can Go Blow Themselves

OK, so I'm on FB. It's a decent was to keep up with people.

Bud I am getting torqued off at the people who are out begging "likes". They post something and it ends with "hit like if you've read this" or "like this post if you agree". Even worse are the ones where you're asked to "repost if you've read this" or if you agree or shit like that.

So, for the record: Assume that I don't read your fucking wall. Assume that when it comes to whatever issue you're posting on FB about... well, let's hand this one off to Groucho:


Eck! said...

Yes all those sites and pages with the "like list icons" are really over the top.
My solution is to not be onl any of those "social media" sites as all they are
are security holes and public ways to expose one to things like Identity fraud
or other abuses, at least the way some people use them.


Ole Phat Stu said...

Shades of Gilbert and Sullivan!

bearsense said...

Just one of many reasons the Bear does not participate.