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Who is Incapable of Understanding or Doing Anything About It.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Did You Expect?

A very long time ago, I was eating dinner with a bunch of friends, mostly guys, back when Mike Tyson first became heavyweight boxing champion. For some reason (probably related to alcohol), the question was asked: "What would you do if you had to fight Mike Tyson?"

The best answer, and the one that shut everyone else down, was: "I'd shoot him in the back from 500 yards away with a .375 H&H." When asked why, the answer was two-fold: The .375 has a good sectional density, so it is highly accurate at long ranges, and more importantly, it would not be possible to call in an air strike on his ass.

I offer that story as a lead-in to this lengthy post (on my continuation blog).

(About Jews and the lessons we learned from history)


exmixer said...

I have a comment, from a non-religious type.

I didn't know until I was ~17 that my mother was Jewish, that seems in retrospect to have been carefully hidden from me. I was brought up to defend the defenseless, whatever it took, that makes a bit more sense to me these days.

As regards the current events, fuck what the world says, I may not be a practicing, or believing Jew, but fuck with me or mine, what the misfit says...out of the barrel of guns and F-1x's comes reality.

Never again has become a trivial phrase, until you see it happening, and it *is* happening now.

For those that don't understand the rage, get yourself the full set of the documentary Shoah. Note especially when the bartender that was a guard at Belzec (or was it Sobibor?), never prosocuted, is confronted by Claude Lanzmann. That may give meaning to the phrase 'murder in your heart'.

My fucking $0.02 for the evening...


Comrade E.B. Misfit said...

I have a cousin who married a Christian girl and converted to her faith. He once mentioned to me that he was "no longer a Jew." I suggested to him that by the rules of the anti-Semites, both him and his kids are Jews.

Anonymous said...

Your post (other site) is well written and a good example of the kind of reminder that we need on a regular basis. The knee-jerk save-the-world types have a very short memory and have never experienced high explosives first hand. I've been guilty of memory failure about the historic treatment of Jews , myself.

exmixer said...

Comrade Misfit,

Ahhh, the right of return, and misunderstandings as to wtf that means. As regards what I previously wrote about my mother, she was what I'd call a Jew hating Jew. Weird, it still resonates on occasion. She wouldn't watch any of Shoah with me, and generally despised where she came from. Btw, blue eyed, blond as a girl...

I may not embrace the faith, but that used to irritate me, when I'd ask her about her thoughts.

My sister is in complete denial, we've never discussed it, but I'll put it this way...

A complete WASP transformation, to the golden life she imagined existed on that side, yo sis, get some more shit from Talbots. She 'converted' (from *what*?) to Catholicism to marry the man that beat the shit out of her. Good idea sis. Now she plays golf with...I should stop about that, she's a decent woman, married to a truly decent man now, but truly, sometimes I just want to ask her, wtf is wrong with acknowledging an accident of birth? Useless exercise I guess.

Well, I feel better now, and my 'brother' Chris has the opportunity of a lifetime with his music, coming up in February! How's that for a PR tease? ;-)