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Friday, September 8, 2023

We Shall See About This New Army Rifle, or
Farewell to the Poodle-Shooter?

StrategyPage is reporting that the Army is replacing its M4 5.56mm carbines with a 6.8mm rifle.

I'm skeptical. When it comes to the desire for a longer-range rifle round, there has been no shortage of research that goes back for generations which showed that combat use of rifles occurred at ranges of less than 100 yards. That obviously doesn't hold for special operations use or for snipers, but they use different weapons. The other concern has been about the weight of the load for the infantry; I don't see how going to a heavier rifle with heavier ammunition will alleviate any of that. It's not like the Army's going to lighten the load elsewhere.

It's an age-old problem.


Tam said...

That Strategypage piece is a dog's breakfast of errors and BS.

For starters, homie doesn't know the difference between 6.8x51 and 6.8SPC.

Sikhandtake Rakhuvar said...

I wonder if they have enough weapons and ammo to equip a few platoons at least? I'm sure Ukraine would be happy to give'em a good field test in combat.