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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Have The Supremes Had Enough With Alabama?

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Alabama’s request to allow it to use a congressional map in the 2024 elections that a lower court had concluded likely violates the Voting Rights Act. The brief unsigned order, from which there were no public dissents, came less than four months after a divided Supreme Court agreed that the 2021 iteration of the map violated federal law by weakening the collective voting power of Black voters in the state.

Tuesday’s order from the Supreme Court means that the redistricting process in Alabama will go forward with court-appointed experts preparing new maps that include a second majority-Black district.

Courts do not like it when parties try to disregard their orders. They take it as a direct attack on their legitimacy. Even the batshit-conservatives on the court who were in favor of what Alabama did won't stand for this sort of obstructionist neo-Confederate gerrymandering when the court has already said "no dice, assholes."

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

Kavanaugh apparently told the state lege to rewrite their request and refile it and maybe, just maybe he would reconsider his vote. Guess he wasn't being straight with them.

-Doug in Sugar Pine