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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Shutdown-- Yes, It May Be Your Fault

If your congressman is a Republican and you voted for him or her, then you, personally, own this shutdown. I don't care how reasonable or moderate your congressman is, he's a Republican, his mere presence in the House of Representatives gives those whackaloons in the Fascist Caucus the power that they are wielding over Gutless Kevin.

And if you voted for one of those nutjobs, do us all a favor: Go move to a country that is more in tune with your ideology. On the list of places you may prefer: Russia, Hungary, Iran and North Korea. Israel may be added to that list, down the road.


seafury said...

Hey we WANT this!! And not just a temporary shutdown Libby, Every gummint worker needs to lose their job. Every. single. one.

Stewart Dean said...

One thing for sure, vis-a-vis Yeats' The Second Coming. The worst may be full of passionate conviction...but so are the best. We aren't giving the fuckers an easy pass.

Comrade Misfit said...

So, Seafury, no Army, Navy, Air Force, Border Patrol, USDA food inspectors, air traffic controllers, you want all of them to be fired?

dan gerene said...

Seafurry, A country cannot exist as a country without a government and as an example Somalia is a country in name only. It's actually a lot of little feudal estates ran by warlords so then it's still a lot of little countries. Sounds like a prepper or sovereign citizen that wants no rules, regulations or oversight by government but still wants the roads, fire departments, overall protection from the "bad guys", communication systems and regulation of the food air and water supplies that everyone needs.