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Monday, September 18, 2023

Suicide is Theft in DPRK

A warning from The Only Obese Man in North Korea:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has issued a secret order for local authorities to prevent suicides after data showed an increase in people taking their own lives this year, government officials told Radio Free Asia.
Kim officially defined suicide as an “act of treason against socialism,” and ordered local governments to take preventative measures.

Entire families are offing themselves and leaving suicide notes that blast the state for starving its people. The officials aren't bothered by people quietly dying of starvation in large numbers, but leaving suicide notes that get passed around undermines the regime, or so they think.

Treason in North Korea is, no doubt, an offense punishable by a gruesome execution, so it's unclear what the State Cheese Scarfer thinks he can accomplish.

(Thanks to Oko)


Fine Swine said...

Given that it's Kim, I'd imagine that the penalty is that the "offender's" surviving family gets a public appointment with an anti-aircraft gun.

w3ski said...

That's a great idea. Making suicide illegal. Some states in the US are still that way. If you make it, no problem, but if you fail, they will really mess up your life with jail. That makes so much sense I can't stand it.

Jones, Jon Jones said...


Comrade Misfit said...

Typo. Thanks for catching it.