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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Something Doesn't Add Up; Baby Bobby Ed.

An armed man impersonating a U.S. marshal was arrested at a Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. campaign event on Friday, the candidate said.

Kennedy said a man with two holstered weapons carrying a U.S. Marshals badge and federal ID approached him at a Los Angeles campaign event on Friday. The man claimed to be part of Kennedy’s security detail.

Kennedy said his security identified the man and apprehended him until Los Angeles Police arrived.
[The arrestee's] bail is set at $35,000 bail, according to LAPD jail records.

Little Baby Bobby is a huge conspiracy theorist, so let's apply his own sort of thinking to this, shall we? The guy who was nabbed has pretty minimal bail for a guy who supposedly posed a serious threat to His Assholiness. Which would lead to the question of whether or not this whole shebang was a setup.

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