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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The TOFF Loses in Court, Again

Donald Trump’s forthcoming civil trial over comments about the writer E Jean Carroll and her allegation that he raped her will only concern how much more he has to pay, a judge said on Wednesday, ruling that the comments were libelous.
On Wednesday, Kaplan said that by finding that Trump had sexually abused Carroll, the jury in the first trial effectively established that his 2019 statements also were false and defamatory

For a self-claimed billionaire, who presumably could afford to hire top men as lawyers ...

... he seems to lose a hell of a lot. He loses so much that it must be habitual.

1 comment:

Paul said...

Previous times trump ran afoul of laws, they were mostly civil cases involving his bankruptcies and his fights with contractors who went after him for reneging on payments. In every one, he used the legal tactics of DELAY DENY and DISTRACT to force others to just give up on their cases and take whatever out-of-court settlement they could get, which would get him off the hook for accountability and allow him to repeat his scams.

This time around, he's facing in civil court opponents who cannot - will not - seek a plea deal on trump's terms; and in the NY state tax fraud case an opponent who can block any stalling tactics and force him into court, where trump's own vulgarity can be on display.

trump honestly HAS been losing in court, he just hides it behind settlement after settlement after settlement.