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Friday, September 22, 2023

The Dance of the Brain-Damaged Clowns

Facing fresh challenges to his leadership, Speaker Kevin McCarthy is trying to accomplish what at times seems impossible — working furiously to convince House Republicans to come together and pass a conservative bill to keep the federal government open.

It’s a nearly futile exercise that could help McCarthy keep his job, but has little chance of actually preventing a federal shutdown. Whatever House Republicans come up with is nearly certain to be rejected by the Senate, where Democrats and most Republicans want to fund the government.

In one dramatic sign of defeat Tuesday, House Republicans were even voting against their own defense bill. During a rowdy afternoon vote, the usually popular bill was turned back from consideration, 212-214, after five hard-right conservatives helped sink it

The Right keeps making the excuse that McCarthy has a "razor-thin" majority in the House, but that doesn't hold water. Nancy Pelosi's majority in the last Congress was as narrow, narrower at times, and she still managed to get shit done. That happened because the Democrats, as fractious as they were, were interested in governing and getting shit done. In this current Congress, there are enough far-right bombthrowers who are not interested in doing the people's business. They are only interested in destruction and in looking good on Fox News.

If you voted for a Republican, especilly if your congresscritter is one of the so-called "Freedom Caucus", then this is also on you.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

I have my social security check for the month, so burn baby burn.

Extra credit:)

Jones, Jon Jones said...

In classical form

Jones, Jon Jones said...

One of the martial arts version

JustMusing said...

These clowns are taking orders from TOFF, still an unfettered, festering sore on the world.