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Saturday, September 2, 2023

He Had a Good Life All the Way

Jimmy Buffett has died.

I wore out some cassette tapes of his music, back when I was on the road more and I had cassette players in my cars.


seafury said...

So sorry to wake up to this. Great singer great guy and a pilot to boot. His Grumman HU-16 Albatross "Hemisphere Dancer" was at Oshkosh one year. I don't recall if he was there but one of his pilots' said he was great to work for. " He left the keys hanging up so we decided what the hell can he do? fire us?"

Sixbears said...

Makes me sad. His music was always a good time.

Marc said...

My first Jimmy Buffett concert was in Oahu. Twenty Five years later, my last was in Phoenix, with two or thee more in between at different locations. He’s gone to that one particular harbor…

Spud said...

He and the Barefoot Man , were my two favorites during our sailing years in the islands.

Don Brown said...

True story. I picked up a Yankee girl in OKC during training. She had never heard of Jimmy Buffet so I educated her. "Coconut Telegraph" was his latest album so we got to learn "Stars Fell On Alabama" together. Driving back on I-40, I says, "You know what would be cool? If Jimmy Buffet played this with the NBC Orchestra on Johnny Carson's show."

We pulled in to a Holiday Inn for the night in Russellville, Arkansas. Unpacked, got into bed, flipped on the TV and there was Jimmy Buffet, playing "Stars Fell On Alabama" with the NBC Orchestra on Johnny Carson's show.

We've been lucky like that for 43 years.