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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.
Plus Fragile White People.

You might recall when the TOFF claimed that he was mentally sharp because he could remember and repeat those words.

But he doesn't remember who he ran against in 2016 and he's worried that President Biden might get us into World War II.

The second point is understandable, in that the TOFF is an admirer of Hitler and probably doesn't want to get in a war with him.

Shifting gears, how is it intellectually honest to teach the history of this country in a way that won't offend Southern conservatives? How do you teach about slavery? Do you, as Texas tried to do, pretend that the slaves were "economic migrants"? How do you teach about the Civil Rights Movement? Do you pretend that the Bloody Sunday police riot at the Edmund Pettis Bridge during the Selma-Montgomery March in 1965 was a state police baton-training exercise? Do you pretend that the Tulsa Massacre was impromptu urban renewal?

Well, that's probably what they try to do. Since 1866, they've been trying to rewrite history to pretend that the Civil War was about anything and everything else except slavery. Which is horseshit.

Can you imagine teaching the history of the first half of the 20th Century in Europe in a way that doesn't make Germans uncomfortable? Or teaching about the breakup of Yugoslavia in a way that doesn't discomfort Serbians?

Honest discussions of history is about confronting and dealing with the past, not trying to whitewash it. But whitewashing the past, if not outright burying it, is what white conservatism is all about.

The past is not over. History is how we got to where we are, now. Knowing history gives us a chance of not doing the same stupid shit, over and over.


Allan said...

You forgot to mention Armenia (everyone does, sadly).

Comrade Misfit said...

Yep. Or Rwanda.

Allan said...

Those who don't learn from history...

Comrade Misfit said... for Republicans.

Allan said...

OK, I'm using that! (You made me laugh!)

dinthebeast said...

I had my yearly physical today, and when they got to the word memory part, I said the three words back in the wrong order and then told my doctor "I guess that means I'm not as sharp as Donald Trump." My doctor did not agree.

-Doug in Sugar Pine