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Friday, September 8, 2023

Mark Meadows Gets His Dick Slapped

A judge on Friday denied Mark Meadows’ request to move his Georgia election subversion case to federal court, ruling that the Trump White House chief of staff must fight the charges in state court instead.

U.S. District Judge Steve Jones in Atlanta wrote in a 49-page ruling that Meadows “has not met even the ‘quite low’ threshold” to move his case to federal court, noting that the question was whether the actions at issue were related to his role as a federal official.

“The evidence adduced at the hearing establishes that the actions at the heart of the State’s charges against Meadows were taken on behalf of the Trump campaign with an ultimate goal of affecting state election activities and procedures,” Jones wrote. “Meadows himself testified that working for the Trump campaign would be outside the scope of a White House Chief of Staff.

Not to mention that trying to stage a coup is outside the scope of the job.


Comrade Misfit said...

And a new commentator makes it to the Banhammer List with one shot!

Eck! said...

What most of the players need to hear is:

Better to stay quiet and be thought a fool,
than open ones mouth and prove oneself the fool.

The rabid foot consumption crew missed the earlier
comment by DA Willis on dealing with reality before
it deals with them.


Stewart Dean said...

The heartening thing in all of this is that the courts, legal system, seems to still be able to discern reality (at least with a Democratic executive in the WH and elsewhere), enforce laws and convict those who think that anything goes, that they are entitled to trash things without consequence as they swagger through life thinking they are Godzilla.
The disturbing thing in all of this is that a substantive mionority of Americans thinks those violations and entitlements are the just and proper privilege of their leaders and themselves.

And then, beyond the laws and their violations, is the reality of the natural world which is in the process of foreclosing on our lease of the planet. The same substantive minority is not only in denial about it, but furious that anything in objective reality should get in the way of their self-certainty, self-righteousness and the self-superiority.

Mother Nature, of course, does give a damn.